Rejuvapen NXT®



The NXT Evolution

Microneedling System

FDA 510k Cleared

The Rejuvapen NXT®

The Rejuvapen System utilizes an array of stainless steel needle cartridges. This innovative new technology can help improve your appearance with little recovery time. As a result, the Rejuvapen is a perfect noninvasive lunchtime procedure that delivers exceptional results.


  • 12 stainless steel tips
  • Market-leading torque
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Durable medical-grade aluminum design
  • Scalloped edge tip eliminates suction and clogging
  • Plug-in system for full power treatments and consistent output
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design for enhanced comfort

ISO Tips™

Patent Pending seal creates a barrier between tip and device.

Smart Touch

Digital fingertip control of on/off and 9 separate speeds.

Infinite Dial

For precise and customizable treatments, 0.02-2.5mm.

Dedicated to Safety

The Rejuvapen NXT continues to demonstrate its commitment to safety, quality, and excellence through safety testing. As a market leader, the Rejuvapen has performed over 500,000 safe and effective treatments.

  • Life Cycle Testing (Cleaning & Disinfection)
  • ISO Seal Integrity Testing and Process Validation
  • Biocompatibility
  • CE Mark

AAMI / IEC 60601-1-2: 2004 Electromagnetic Compatibility, Immunity, Emissions, and Essential Performance Testing

EN 60601-1: 2006 + A1: 2013 Electrical Safety Testing

ES 60601-1: 2005 + C1 (2009) + A1 (2010) + A2 (2010) Electrical Safety Testing

FDA 510k Cleared: K192138

Tested for Quality and Safety

FDA 510k Cleared and Trusted by thousands of Aesthetic Practitioners

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